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Re: out-of-print (authors)

Thanks to Pat McKnees for the information about the Authors Registry.
It's an extremely useful resource.

This is just a note to say that many _book_ publishing contracts do not
revert the rights to the rightsholder (which may or may not be the author)
automatically when the book has gone out of print.  Therefore, it is
probably more efficient to first contact the publisher of an out-of-print
book to find out the status of the contract and rights.  If the rights
have, in fact, reverted, the publisher will probably have the
rightsholder's most current address. If the rightsholder is the author and
the publisher doesn't have a current address, then consult the Authors

Margie Bachman

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> I post the this notice about the Authors Registry for use by those of you
> who need to find an author when a work has gone out of print, the rights
> have reverted to the author, and you want to clear electronic or other
> rights with the author.  Thousands of authors are listed with the
> registry, which was recently launched specifically to simplify the
> bookkkeeping for payments to authors for electronic transactions.  Many
> more organizations have signed on since this posting. 
> Please see the website below or the link from the Liblicense website
> for further information about the Authors Registry and how to use it.
>    -- Pat McNees (on the board of directors of the American Society of 
> Journalists & Authors, and a member of the Authors Guild, etc.)
> The Authors Registry, Inc.
> 330 West 42nd Street
> New York, NY 10036
> tel 212-563-6920
> fax 212-564-5363
> e-mail
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