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Re: out-of-print (authors)

The discussion of out-of-print authors raises a question for me.  What is
the track record for out of *copyright* authors and their publishers
continuing to do business, so to speak?  Are there cases where a publisher
has kept producing and selling something even when it has gone into the
public domain?  I ask this question as background for thinking about the
archiving motivation of e-publishers.  Given that, for print publication,
no positive action was required to assure continuing existence of a book
past the time a publisher lost interest in it (assuming enough copies had
sold to responsible libraries), there is surely a change when it requires
a publisher's self-interest to decide to continue to keep something
available.  So my question is designed to elicit any print precedents that
can help us think about this issue.

Jim O'Donnell
Classics, U. of Penn.
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