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Re: cd-rom licenses in electronic classroom


The SP database licenses and classroom/training addendum are renewed
annually. The librarian responsible for the training contacts our systems
office one week prior to the scheduled training so that the number of
simultaneous users can be increased on the day the class is being taught
and for a specified period of time. 

We use a software metering system "Soft Track?" (which runs on a NOVELL
server) to increase or decrease the number of users.


>Does this mean you have ongoing agreements with SilverPlatter and the
>database providers for semi-permanent licence increases just for this
>training facility, or do you have to specify to SP blocks of time
>[days/dates] and re-apply when you need them again?
>Are you using them from an ERL server requiring database specific
>reauthorisations to mount the databases on the server?  If yes, how much of
>a pain is it getting re-authorisations from SP?
>Steve Cramond                  e-mail:
>Electronic Information Resources Librarian           Ph +61 8 8303 3629
>University of Adelaide Library                      Fax +61 8 8303 4369
>Adelaide, SA, 5005
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