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Re: Copyright in Bibliographic records?

OCLC exists in a for-profit competitive environment inwhich the Online
Union Catalog (OLUC) has significant value (multi-millions).  Where the
database not copyrighted, other competitors could copy and use OCLC's most
valuable asset. The OCLC database is much more than just LC and member
contributed cataloging copy, (which by the way OCLC pays millions per year
for member contributed copy in terms of credits), but the holdings
information, the effort that goes into maintaining standards and
consistancy, and the significant infrasturcture which delivers all sorts
of services derived from the OLUC. 

I should share that I am a former member of the Board of Trustees of OCLC
who spent the last six years concerned OCLC's well being. I think we
sometimes lose sight of the fact that OCLC is a not-for-profit cooperative
organization owned by the 20,000 member libraries around the world. When
we copyright the OCLC database, we protect the assets of the member

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