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Re: Copyright Newsletter for Librarians

I apologize for setting this message out in a number of listservs however I
think it will of interest to you.

There's a new publication that may be of interest to subscribers to this
listserv.  It's a print publication called The Copyright & New Media Law
Newsletter:  For Librarians & Information Specialists. 

Information on the newsletter states that it will deal with issues like
photocopying, fair dealing/fair use and all those digital concerns to us 

-what is protected on the Internet
-who is liable/responsible for the use of copyright materials
-how exceptions and fair dealing/fair use apply to electronic media
-licensing digital information
-electronic inter-library loans
-research on the Internet (browsing, downloading and printing materials on
the Internet)
-the use of computer software, CD-ROMs and databases
-digitizing a library's collections
-the effect of the two new international copyright agreements on librarians
-changing copyright laws in countries around the world to deal with new media
and the Internet
-copyright policies in libraries.

It's published three times a year in print and there's a list serv as well to
inform subscribers of relevant issues between print versions.  It promises to
be practical and informative.

Subscription prices are reasonable.  

The editor is a copyright lawyer and author of a book on copyright law --
information on her is at

In addition to looking for subscribers, the newsletter is interested in
hearing from potential contributors.

Further information is available from Lesley Ellen Harris, Editor
E-mail: (or
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