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Re: Cost of Electronic Resources

>2.  Which ones do you particularly like?  (I *don't like* simultaneous
>users except in certain kinds of crics. and only like FTEs for broad
>general resources like Encyclopaedia Britannica, where the chance that
>many users across departments will partake -- and even then I am not
>entirely comfortable with this model.) 

I'm surprised, because I have generally felt that simultaneous users is a
very good model. You can start small, then add licenses if need be, and
not feel you are paying for a lot of access that is not being used. Of
course it depends on how mission critical the service is; I think
universities can afford a small amount of queueing for general research
type databases (Proquest, IAC, Ebsco,etc). It also tends to promote better
planning for port needs, bandwidth, etc.

I agree that FTE's is a very bad model to use for pricing. Some of our
campuses are still in the process of building adequate computer
facilities, so many of our students would not be able to use the licenses.
Many database products are used primarily by specific departments; why use
the total campus FTE's to determine pricing for a product that will only
be used by one department? The simultaneous use model takes care of these
kinds of inequities by customizing the access according to anticipated
use- which can easily be modified when needed. 

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