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Re: Chemistry Journal License

Forwarded message:
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 97 14:57:22 EST
From: Anthony W Ferguson <>
Subject: Re: Chemistry Journal License

> 2.  Personal use:  does this language, to your mind, allow our students to
> use excerpts of articles (i.e., quotes or citations as one now uses in
> print works) in their papers? (perhaps).  Does it allow our
> faculty/researchers to use same in their scholarly publications without
> permission (doubtful, to my mind).  In short, does this license permit
> "normal"  academic/educational use? (I do not think so).  

Re "does this license permit
"normal"  academic/educational use? (I do not think so)"

I think we need to assume that the pulisher also knows about "fair use"
and proceed with that in mind.  If we assume they don't believe in
"fair use" we have to read sinister meanings into everything and do
combat with them -- a very time-consuming activity.  Maybe I am too
naive.  tony

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