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RE: Orphans, etc.

I'll be picking up the library's copy tonight...

Jane Holmquist


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Scott and Joe, Amazon Prime will have the book in my hands on
Wednesday.  I think Joe's in charge.

Jim O'Donnell

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> I'm in. How do you want to organize it?
> Scott
> T. Scott Plutchak
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> We could help to resolve a great number of disputes on this 
> list if we were to participate in a Liblicense Reading Group in 
> which we attempted to find titles to read together that would 
> appeal to a broad number of listmembers. I think we would find 
> great congruence in sensibility among people who argue 
> vigorously with one another about other issues. Why focus on 
> what we disagree on rather than on those things where we speak 
> with one mind?
> My first nominee is "A Novel Bookstore" (fiction) by Laurence
> Cosse, published by Europa Editions.
> Joe Esposito