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Orphans, etc.

What grim and dark mood has fallen on this thread?  Here we have 
David Prosser:

"It's interesting and maybe tells us something in addition to 
list participants stating their opinions.  Of course, when such 
studies reinforce our prejudices we cite them; when they don't, 
we invent charming analogies to show why they can't possibly be 

I think the proper response to this statement is "Speak for 
yourself." I am astonished by this display of cynicism about 
sources and citations on a list dedicated to librarianship and 
scholarly communications.

And here we have Jean-Claude:

"It is true that print has transformed documents into 
merchandise, into goods; that does not mean that other forms of 
value are not present. Henry James' novels were sold less and 
less as he grew older. By Joe Esposito's criterion, Henry James' 
novels were worth nothing or little more than nothing for a while 
before coming back to some (moderate) level of (commercial) value 
more recently."

Of course, I never said or thought any such thing.  And to use my 
personal favorite, Henry James, as a shibboleth is cruel.  What I 
did say is that asking people to pay an economic price when they 
themselves have no economic benefit is not realistic.

Gentlemen, lighten up!  I am with Lambeth Strether:  "Live! Live 
all you can!"

Joe Esposito

Joseph J. Esposito
Portable CEO
+Joseph Esposito