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SERU discussion at the Charleston Conference

Going to the Charleston Conference?  You're invited to a "Lively 
Lunch" to discuss how SERU is evolving to accommodate e-books and 
other e-resources.

When:   12:45, Friday, November 4th
Where:  Francis Marion Hotel / Gold Room

SERU:  It's Not Just for Journals Anymore

Raise your hand if you've spent at least one hour navigating your 
way through an electronic resource license in the past year. 
Okay, put your hand down, and then make plans to attend this 
Lively Lunch so you can learn more about the changes being 
implemented in SERU, the Shared Electronic Resources 
Understanding.  SERU, a NISO Best Practice since 2008, works in 
conjunction with copyright law and was originally designed to 
replace licenses for e-journals.  Now its scope is being 
broadened to accommodate the acquisition of e-books as well. 
Members of the NISO SERU Standing Committee will lead a 
discussion about the changes being implemented, show how SERU 
fits into the workflow of both content providers and librarians, 
and offer practical advice on how you can incorporate SERU into 
your electronic resources ordering process.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions...


Adam Chesler
Director of Library Relations
Business Expert Press:  A Leading Resource for Business Education