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Re: Future of the "subscription model?"

I wonder if some publisher/entrepreneur will come up with, has 
already come up with, an 'unsubscription' model. In a world where 
most research and scholarship is open access (I am all for it) 
there will be an increasing value in second order services that 
provide ways of assessing and measuring relative 
importance/scope/potential surprise etc.

Lots of things other than mere citations to be measured and 

Since there are good reasons why libraries and their institutions 
like subscribing to services which define, mould, specialise and 
improve their access to information, such forms of information 
exposure and relevance measurement may be good services for them 
to be subscribing to.

So subscription models may have a role in the definition and 
modulation of the flow of research and scholarly information even 
when basic access is uniformly open.

Adam Hodgkin

On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 11:08 PM, Ann Okerson 
<aokerson@gmail.com> wrote:

> Liblicense-l Readers:  What do you all imagine as the future of 
> the "subscription model" for purchasing academic library 
> collections?  Is it alive and well and growing or is it on its 
> way out, supplanted by memberships, open access, and a growing 
> variety of other options for obtaining publications, 
> particularly electronic?
> Your thoughts are most welcomed.  Ann Okerson