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Hathi Orphans

You are right, Anthony. I do not expect *all* publishers to agree
on something. And I do not expect anyone to insist on equating
"some" with "all".

Jean-Claude Guedon

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I really do not understand how Mr.Guedon actually expects ALL
publishers to get together to agree something. All authors is
impossible and all librarians would be very difficult.


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A large sample is not a unanimous representation. The list
presented by Ms. Lustigman is impressive. It is not the whole

However, where are the German, French and Spanish publishers,
only to stay within Western Europe? Are there only 20 library and
collective rights organisations (and are these two classes of
organizations open to being treated as "publishers"?)

Consequently, I must decline being corrected this time. I
continue to stand partially corrected as tated in my earlier

Jean-Claude Guedon

Le mardi 04 octobre 2011, Victoria Lustigman a ecrit:

> I must again correct Mr Guedon, hopefully for the last time over
> this matter.
> ARROW has the full support and engagement of the Federation of
> European Publishers, the Italian Publishers Association, The
> Publishers Association (UK) and the Publishers Licensing
> Society (UK), which alone has mandates from almost 3000
> UK-based publishers, along with around twenty European library
> and collective rights organisations. On that basis I do feel
> that I was entitled to speak on behalf of "the" publishers and
> not just "some" publishers.
> The original ARROW project came to a successful conclusion in
> April this year, successful in the sense that it has
> established a pilot operation and proof of concept. Work has
> now begun on ARROW Plus to extend this work to a wider
> repertoire, more countries in Europe and a wider network of
> potential databases for diligent search.
> Perhaps the model also has application outside the European
> Union?
> Victoria Lustigman
> Head of Communications
> The Publishers Association Limited
> 29B Montague Street
> London
> WC1B 5BW