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Physics Nobel: Free Journal Articles and Resources from AIP

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Dear Colleagues,

The American Institute of Physics congratulates this year's Nobel 
Laureates in Physics "for the discovery of the accelerating 
expansion of the Universe through observations of distant 
supernovae." Sharing half the prize is Saul Perlmutter from 
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of 
California, Berkeley. Sharing the other half jointly are Brian P. 
Schmidt from the Australian National University, and Adam G. 
Riess from Johns Hopkins University and Space Telescope Science 

AIP is pleased to make available free of charge a selection of 
research papers these Nobel Laureates have published in our 
journals, Conference Proceedings, and Physics Today magazine. To 
view any of these materials go to 

We will build on this material throughout the day to bring you a 
host of additional resources, including an overview of the work 
done by these three scientists, plus related links, photos and 


Lori S. Carlin
Director, Fulfillment and Marketing
American Institute of Physics
2 Huntington Quadrangle, Suite 1NO1
Melville, NY 11747