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ASA Secretary General Appointment


Nawin Gupta Appointed Secretary General of the ASA

Nawin Gupta has been appointed Secretary General of the
Association of Subscription Agents & Intermediaries.The
appointment is effective immediately.Nawin will be based in the
US in Chicago, Illinois.

Announcing Nawin's appointment, Peter Lawson, Chairman of the
ASA, stated "Nawin has a long and distinguished publishing
background.We are delighted to have him take this leadership
role."He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in
scholarly and trade publishing, having advanced publishing
programs of large professional societies (American Medical
Association and American Bar Association), major academic presses
(University of Chicago and University of Iowa), and commercial
publishers (Reed Elsevier).

Well-known in the industry, Nawin is passionate about the role
scholarly publishers, subscription agents, intermediaries, and
libraries play in disseminating scholarship and promoting
scholarly discourse, and is deeply aware of the challenges facing
them.He has served in many volunteer positions in the publishing
industry, including executive boards of the PSP Division of the
Association of American Publishers, the International Association
of STM Publishers, the Association of Medical Publishers, and

In addition to ASA work, Nawin will continue as Principal at
Informed Publishing Solutions, Inc. (www.IPSig.com), a publishing
consulting practice based in Chicago.

Nawin is taking over from Sarah Durrant who recently became the
CEO of Association of Learned and Professional Society

Contact details for Nawin are as follows:

Nawin Gupta
Secretary General, ASA
Office: +1 773.685.2007
Mobile: +1 773.623.9199
Email: NGupta.ASA@IPSig.com

Nawin will be at the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair, Charleston
Conference, and London Online.

About ASA: The ASA (www.subscription-agents.org) is the
international trade association serving subscriptions agents,
sales agents and other intermediaries providing products and
services within the professional and scholarly information supply
chain.The ASA exists to provide information to its members from
all areas of the information industry, to create a forum for
exchange amongst these groups and to represent members' common
interests to publishers, customers, representative and
governmental organizations and associations.

The ASA and its members are committed to upholding standards of
excellence, integrity and service innovation in the management of
subscriptions. We work closely with libraries and publishers to
drive efficiencies and innovation within the information supply
chain. All members of the ASA are required to sign up to the ASA
Guidelines which describe and ensure best practice.