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Hindawi receives more than 4,000 submissions in a single month for the first time

Press Release
August 3rd, 2011

Hindawi is pleased to announce that it has received more than 
4,000 submissions in July 2011 for the first time in a single 
month. Hindawi publishes more than 300 open access journals, 
spanning a wide range of subjects in Science, Technology, and 
Medicine as well as the Social Sciences.

"The growth that we have seen over the past couple of years in 
our open access publishing program has really been amazing," said 
Paul Peters, Head of Business Development for Hindawi. "It was 
less than a year ago that we passed 2,000 monthly submissions for 
the first time, so growing to over 4,000 submissions in less than 
a year is really spectacular."

In analyzing the growth in the company's submissions, Mohamed 
Hamdy, Hindawi's Editorial Manager, explained that "roughly 15% 
of the submissions that we received in July came to new journals 
that have been launched within the past year, while the majority 
of our growth can be attributed to the ongoing development of our 
more well-established titles." He continued, "we very much look 
forward to watching the further development of our Open Access 
journal collection in the coming years."

For further information please contact:

Paul Peters
Head of Business Development
Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Email: paul.peters@hindawi.com

Hindawi Publishing Corporation is a rapidly growing scholarly 
publisher with more than 300 peer-reviewed, open access journals 
covering a wide range of subject areas. The company web site is 
located at http://www.hindawi.com/.