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Re: Library budgets vs. journal publication growth

I believe this is the information for the report from STM:

The stm report: An overview of scientific and scholarly journal 
publishing. Mark Ware (Mark Ware Consulting)
Michael Mabe (STM) September 2009

On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 2:24 PM, Richard Poynder
<richard.poynder@gmail.com> wrote:

> I would be most grateful if someone could provide me with links
> to online versions of the two charts that Ivy Anderson cited on
> Liblicense in January (see below):
> 'The problems can be illustrated by juxtaposing two other
> well-known charts, one from ARL documenting the long decline in
> the proportion of research university funding allocated toward
> libraries, and another reproduced by STM documenting the equally
> steady increase in journal publication over time. These trends
> have long been on a collision course, one that's being hastened
> by the current economic downturn. ?And as Sandy points out, the
> increasing budget share consumed by journal packages has squeezed
> university presses and other small market players to
> near-extinction and reduced the breadth and diversity of library
> collections, despite concomitant increases in book publishing.
> Large packages of books, while arguably offering similar value to
> the journal big deal, are nonetheless no easier for libraries to
> fund than their individual counterparts when the aggregate spend
> is sufficiently large.
> 'As more and more purchasing becomes locked in large block
> expenditures, it is becoming impossible for libraries to
> maneuver. And with double-digit declines still looming on the
> horizon for many libraries, maneuver we must.'
> ****