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Library budgets vs. journal publication growth

I would be most grateful if someone could provide me with links 
to online versions of the two charts that Ivy Anderson cited on 
Liblicense in January (see below):


"The problems can be illustrated by juxtaposing two other 
well-known charts, one from ARL documenting the long decline in 
the proportion of research university funding allocated toward 
libraries, and another reproduced by STM documenting the equally 
steady increase in journal publication over time. These trends 
have long been on a collision course, one that's being hastened 
by the current economic downturn.  And as Sandy points out, the 
increasing budget share consumed by journal packages has squeezed 
university presses and other small market players to 
near-extinction and reduced the breadth and diversity of library 
collections, despite concomitant increases in book publishing. 
Large packages of books, while arguably offering similar value to 
the journal big deal, are nonetheless no easier for libraries to 
fund than their individual counterparts when the aggregate spend 
is sufficiently large.

"As more and more purchasing becomes locked in large block 
expenditures, it is becoming impossible for libraries to 
maneuver. And with double-digit declines still looming on the 
horizon for many libraries, maneuver we must."