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RE: 8,000 authors favour Open Access and see impact

Isn't this a bit circular, if only OA authors were surveyed?

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Subject: 8,000 authors favour Open Access and see impact

Dear all,

I thought you might be interested to learn that InTech, an Open 
Access publisher, last week published a White Paper entitled 
'Author Attitudes towards Open Access Publishing' - making 
available results from a recent survey of over 8,000 authors to 
determine their attitudes towards Open Access.

The benefits of the Open Access (OA) model continue to be debated 
by publishers and librarians, but relatively little research has 
been undertaken to understand the attitudes of researchers. It 
was with this in mind that InTech commissioned TBI to survey its 
25,000-strong author-base to help better understand researcher 
awareness of and attitudes towards this evolving model. By 
sharing the results of this survey, InTech hopes to dispel some 
of the myths about what researchers truly value relating to OA 
and peer review.

I've copied yesterday's press release below for your information, 
or to read the White Paper and see for yourself the full results 
of the survey, go to: 

I do hope this is of interest; please let me know if you would 
like any more information.

All best wishes,

Jennie Johnson, TBI Communications

Tel: +44 1865 875896