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RE: non-negotiation license question

I second that. We should absolutely call out vendors publicly. We
need to start working together more than we do.

Dave Schoen

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> Judy - Thank you for your comments. I appreciate what you're
> saying, and perhaps what I asked of Matt was crass.
> Nevertheless, what he reports speaks of the increasing
> arrogance and unprofessional nature of some companies who do
> business with libraries. I am not at all empathetic towards
> businesses whose practice it seems is to highjack copyright,
> and control our purses. Yes, I agree, praise when praise is
> earned, but I think we should also call out when responsibility
> is warranted. Otherwise we will continue to face more and more
> restrictive use terms, promises of confidentiality, and the
> deterioration of rights of fair use and the like.
> Scott
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> Scott - probably if each one of us responded individually to
> Matt, he'd say. However it is always a tricky business to call
> out a particular vendor on any professional list - unless of
> course it's a positive response.
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