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Catherine Candee joins bepress as VP

DATE 5/5/2011, Berkeley, CA -- Berkeley Electronic Press 
(bepress) announced that Catherine Candee has joined the company 
as vice president for marketing and community engagement. 
Catherine arrives from the University of California (UC), where 
she distinguished herself as a leader and innovator in scholarly 
communications, and the founding director of eScholarship, a 
university-wide publishing service and one of the first and most 
successful institutional repositories in the world.

Catherine played a central role in the early development of 
Digital Commons, bepress's flagship IR. UC's eScholarship 
repository was the first to use the hosted Digital Commons 
platform, with extraordinary and rapid success: in two years, 
over 250 academic departments and institutes embraced the 
platform to disseminate their working papers, technical reports, 
books and articles and, eventually, dozens of born-digital 
journals. Expanding the IR to include an array of publishing 
services, Catherine also spearheaded the new concept "University 
as Publisher."

Jean-Gabriel Bankier, bepress President and CEO, said "Catherine 
was one of the first to realize the full potential of a modern IR 
as a set of vital services that libraries can offer their campus, 
with publishing at its core. Her vision and willingness to take 
risks has made a profound difference in the library community, 
and her success has inspired many others to take an active role 
in publishing and promoting their campus's scholarly work 

At bepress, Catherine will lead Digital Commons marketing and 
continue to build the IR community, with a special focus on the 
new roles of academic librarians.

"Ten years ago at UC, we as librarians identified a real need 
among faculty for new ways to support their growing array of 
digital scholarship," said Catherine Candee. "Today, libraries 
have succeeded in making IRs a must-have on every campus. Digital 
Commons offers the strongest solution, and with 60 new customers 
last year and a vibrant community of successful sites, it's 
something I am very excited to be part of."

About Berkeley Electronic Press

Founded by professors in 1999, Berkeley Electronic Press 
publishes peer-reviewed electronic journals and develops software 
for the next generation of scholarly publishing. The bepress 
journals collection, ResearchNow, redefines what scholarly 
journals can do today, with fast and high quality peer review at 
sustainable prices. The bepress open-access institutional 
repository platform, Digital Commons, is the world's leading 
hosted IR, featuring an innovative suite of publishing and 
software services that empowers scholarly communities to showcase 
and share their works for maximum impact. Learn more at 

Warm regards,

Jean-Gabriel Bankier
President & CEO
Berkeley Electronic Press
510-665-1200 x124

bepress: sustainable scholarly publishing