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RE: non-negotiation license question

If commercial institutions, benefiting from their command of a 
panoptic position over the libraries, are thereby able to design 
a "divide and conquer" strategy, is it not only fair to respond 
by identifying them? Courtesies are nice, and people who want to 
maintain them are to be admired, but should we go so far as to 
extend them to entities engaged in playing power games for 
lucrative ends?

If someone were to hit you in an alley, and you could later prove 
the relationship between the name and the act, would you refuse 
to publicize the name in the name of civility?

Jean-Claude Guedon

Le vendredi 29 avril 2011 Schwartz, Judy a ecrit:

> Scott - probably if each one of us responded individually to 
> Matt, he'd say. However it is always a tricky business to call 
> out a particular vendor on any professional list - unless of 
> course it's a positive response.
> Judy Schwartz
> Director of Library Services
> Trocaire College
> http://library.trocaire.edu