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MUSE News: 27 Publishers Contracted for MUSE E-Book Collections

Twenty-seven publishers confirmed for first season of e-book 
collections on Project MUSE

Project MUSE has signed contracts with 27 distinguished scholarly 
publishers to offer their upcoming monographs in the humanities 
and social sciences as part of electronic book collections on the 
MUSE platform. Among the publishers participating in the 
initiative are Columbia University Press, University of Michigan 
Press, Georgetown University Press, Duke University Press, 
Indiana University Press, Penn State University Press, University 
of Illinois Press, and the Johns Hopkins University Press. MUSE 
is partnering for the e-book program with many of the same 
publishers who currently contribute content to its successful 
electronic scholarly journal collections. A complete list of 
participating presses is available at 

The first collections of frontlist monographs will be offered for 
purchase in Fall 2011. Subject-based collections as well as a 
comprehensive collection of all available titles will be offered. 
Pricing and book title details for the Fall 2011 collections are 
expected to be announced by late March.

Sample book content will appear on the MUSE platform in the first 
quarter of 2011. Book content will be seamlessly integrated with 
MUSE's existing journal content, allowing users to search and 
browse across formats and easily discover related scholarship. 
Books on MUSE will be offered in PDF format, searchable and 
retrievable to the chapter level.

MUSE continues discussions with interested scholarly publishers, 
and expects to announce additional participating presses for the 
Spring 2012 e-books collections. Further details on Project 
MUSE's e-book initiative are available at 
http://muse.jhu.edu/about/new/ebook_collections.html. A sneak 
preview of plans for e-books on MUSE will be offered during 
MUSE's User Group gathering at the upcoming American Library 
Association Midwinter Meeting in San Diego. The session is 
scheduled for 8:00 am on Saturday, January 8, in the Library Room 
of the Westin Gaslamp Quarter. For more information or to RSVP to 
attend, please email muse@press.jhu.edu.

Melanie Schaffner,
Marketing and Sales Manager, Project MUSE