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Gold OA article growth 5.7 times total article growth

According to this chart by Thompson-Reuters, gold OA article 
growth (at 20%) is 5.7 times higher than total article growth (at 

(Thanks to Springer via Stevan Harnad)

Needless to say (I think), we are still far from 100% gold open 
access, but heading in this direction and the pace of change 
appears to be speeding up.

Strong open access policy is good for open access growth, whether 
green or gold, so policy advocates, please keep up the good work! 
Note that OA policy needs to focus on green, not gold. 
Researchers: self-archiving is the most necessary step for open 
access, so please self-archive regardless of whether you publish 
in an open access or toll access journals.  OA publishers: full 
OA means green as well as gold - so be sure that you are listed 
in the Sherpa RoMEO Publisher Copyright Policies and 
Self-Archiving, and look to the SWORD protocol to provide for 
cross-depositing of your articles in all appropriate 


Heather Morrison, MLIS
Doctoral Candidate, Simon Fraser University School of 
The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics