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Growth of DOAJ

There are certain criteria that a journal should comply with in 
order to be included in the DOAJ - 

In order to evaluate whether a journal complies with the criteria 
the DOAJ-team communicates with the publisher, check the 
publisher web, check whether the names listed on editorial boards 
are real human beings (!), e-mails back and forth with the 
publisher etc. - this is a time consuming job, but the team is 
doing their best. Frequently the staff checks whether the 
journals in the DOAJ still complies with the criteria and approx 
10 journals per month are removed from the DOAJ.

DOAJ is cooperating with a number of large aggregators and 
service providers (SciElo, OJS etc) and this speeds up the 
process. Furthermore DOAJ has entered partnerships with China and 
France for pre-evaluating OA-journals (similar agreement recently 
entered with Greece and more to come) - this improves speed as 
well. We have been able to add more staff recently - with the 
same effect. The more support and members we get the more 
resources we can allocate to the service.

There has been cases of questionable publishers during the years. 
With the help of the community the staff are dealing with these 
in order to ascertain the quality of the journals.

Thus the speed of journals added to the DOAJ is not necessarily a 
firm indicator of the growth of Gold OA, but probably more so an 
indicator of our ability to discover and process OA-journals into 
the DOAJ.

Hope this helps a bit!

Lars Bjornshauge

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For Sandy Thatcher
Date: den 20 december 2010 05:25
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Subject:: Re: Does Dramatic Growth of DOAJ Signal Success or 
Market Dysfunction?

But we all know (without mentioning names) that there are some 
companies out there taking advantage of the low barriers to entry 
in OA journal publishing to operate scam operations that are set 
up to take from unwary authors. I wonder how many of these 
journals are counted in the DOAJ total? Does DOAJ attempt to 
verify whether a journal really is a legitimate operation?

Sandy Thatcher