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Article on OA repositories

The Journal of Electronic Publishing has an article on the 
acceptance of OA repositories:  http://bit.ly/fUnpZp.  Here is 
the abstract:

"Open access has become very popular over the last few years. It 
is evident in the increasing number of scientific journals being 
made available free to readers on the Internet, and the 
increasing number of institutions that are building repositories 
to house the electronic versions of open-access articles written 
by scholars at their institutions. The academic and research 
communities seem to support this movement and their right to 
obtain easy and free access to publicly funded scientific 
information. But, how often do researchers actually use such free 
publications as readers and how often do they choose to publish 
in an OA journal or institutional repository? How trustworthy do 
they consider those journals and repositories? Would they prefer 
that OA repositories be more selective? Although today about 
10-15 percent of scientific peer-reviewed journals are OA[1] and 
there are several declarations encouraging institutions to build 
OA repositories,[2] there is still a long way to go, especially 
where OA repositories are concerned. This research is trying to 
determine why acceptance and growth of open access, particularly 
open access repositories, has been so slow."

I have some reservations about this study (a comment about open 
source software, for example, is simply wrong), so please don't 
shoot the messenger.

Joe Esposito