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OA in Southern European countries

Dear collegues,

the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) has
published the book * Open Access in European Countries*, edited
by Lluis Anglada and Ernest Abadal with the collaboration of the
Consortium of University Libraries of Catalonia (CBUC) and the
Open Access to Science group


The publication is the final result of the workshop "Open Access
to science information: policies for the developement of OA in
Southern Europe" held in Granada from the 12th to the 14th of May
and organized by the FECYT


The book provides a map of Open Access in the countries of
Southern Europe, such as France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal
plus Turkey. It is aimed at academic authorities and managers,
publishing houses, academic and library workers.

During the workshop a new declaration on OA "the Alhambra
Declaration" was published


Goal of the declaration is to develop an action plan for OA in Southern
European countries.

The action plan is committed to:

- dissemination of the Alhambra Declaration;
- translation of the Alhambra Declaration in national languages;
- publication of a report on the OA in Southern European countries;
- creation of national working groups on OA;
- coordination of national working groups' action with European projects;
- creation of national strategies and of a roadmap on OA.

Best regards

Maria Cassella
Universita di Torino
Via Po, 17 - 10124 Torino
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