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Re: The Library: Three Jeremiads (essay by Harvard's Robert Darnton)

See: Three Caveats on Professor Darnton's Three Jeremiads


On Tue, 14 Dec 2010, B.G. Sloan wrote:

> Darnton, Robert. The Library: Three Jeremiads. New York Review of
> Books. December 23, 2010.
> The introduction:
> "When I look back at the plight of American research libraries in
> 2010, I feel inclined to break into a jeremiad. In fact, I want
> to deliver three jeremiads, because research libraries are facing
> crises on three fronts; but instead of prophesying doom, I hope
> to arrive at a happy ending."
> His three jeremiads deal with journal subscription pricing, open
> access, and digitization (including Darnton's call for a Digital
> Public Library of America).
> See: http://bit.ly/f8lNBz for the essay.
> Bernie Sloan