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New ISSN online license

The ISSN Centre is implementing a new license agreement for 2011.  We have
been struggling for weeks to come to agreement.  There are some deal
breakers we are going to ignore, such as French Law.

The real issues for us are surrounding the definition of site, user, and
dealing with authentication.  In the past, we registered all IP addresses
and had 1 concurrent user.  That arrangement appears to no longer be
possible and we have so far been unable to agree to an alternative.

If anyone else (especially CONSER libraries) is similarly having problems,
will you please contact me offline?

By the way, this seems to be a particularly bad year for our 
professional organizations and their license agreements.  ALA's 
RDA toolkit license is problematic as is LC's Cataloger's Desktop 
new authentication scheme.  With ALA midwinter coming up, I hope 
you'll join me in raising these issues with our colleagues from 
those organizations.  We really need them supporting libraries 
providing electronic resources, and in each case, the roadblocks 
have been considerable.

Diane Grover
Electronic Resources Coordinator
University of Washington Libraries