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Google Books

The Google ebookstore is now live, at least in the U.S.  You can 
find it at http://books.google.com/ebooks.

One odd thing about the launch is the promotional video for it on 
the Google site.  It boasts (as it should) that the cloud-based 
model means that you can access Gbooks from any device that has a 
browser and that you can synchronize across multiple devices. 
Well, inadvertently this makes Amazon look good, as the cloud 
model and synchronization already exist there.  And I doubt 
Barnes & Noble and Kobo are bar behind on this.

In any event, Gbooks are a stunning achievement.  I am looking 
forward to making my first purchases.  I will read them alongside 
the books I have already acquired from Amazon, B&N, and 

The question that remains for me is whether I will continue to 
use multiple readers in the future or consolidate all my reading 
with one technology.

Joe Esposito