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OASPA Agreement with CrossRef on behalf of Scholar Publishers

OASPA Agreement with CrossRef on behalf of Scholar Publishers

OASPA is pleased to announce that we have come to an agreement 
with CrossRef  on an Association-sponsored membership on behalf 
of our scholar publishers. The  agreement enables our scholar 
publisher members to register Digital Object  Identifiers (DOIs) 
without needing to become individual members of CrossRef. All 
scholar publisher members of OASPA may now register up to 50 DOIs 
per year, at  no charge.

The use of DOIs is a standard OASPA wishes to promote. DOIs are 
important in an  electronic environment as they provide 
individual articles with a permanent  'home' (a post office box, 
if you like), which remains constant regardles of  whether URL 
locations should be altered. The cost of participating in 
CrossRef  has been a barrier earlier for many scholar publishers 
and we believe this  agreement will make it easier for this group 
to ensure visibility for the work  they publish.

Scholar publishers who are already members of OASPA should 
contact  info@oaspa.org for more information. To join OASPA and 
take advantage of this  opportunity, visit our website at 
www.oaspa.org .

For more about CrossRef, see http://www.crossref.org/

On behalf of the OASPA board,
Caroline Sutton, President

Caroline Sutton, PhD
Co-Action Publishing

Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association, OASPA