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Taylor & Francis Group and the American Fisheries Society announce partnership

Taylor & Francis Group and the American Fisheries Society 
announce a winning partnership!

Philadelphia, 25th November 2010

The American Fisheries Society and Taylor & Francis are pleased 
to announce a new publishing partnership between the two 
organizations. As of 2011, Taylor & Francis will publish the six 
AFS publications on behalf of the AFS:

*Transactions of the American Fisheries Society

*North American Journal of Aquaculture

*North American Journal of Fisheries Management

*Journal of Aquatic Animal Health

*Marine and Coastal Fisheries (an online-only, Open Access 

*Fisheries magazine

Through their new partnership, the AFS and Taylor & Francis aim 
to expand the global reach and readership of the six 
publications, to achieve the highest possible levels of 
accessibility through rapid publication and continued affordable 
pricing, and to maintain the high quality of the publications' 
content and presentation.

According to Kevin Bradley, President, Taylor & Francis USA, "The 
quality content of the AFS titles, combined with T&F's 
outstanding production and author services and our global 
marketing and sales power, will certainly make for a winning 
partnership. I am extremely pleased to be working with the 
American Fisheries Society."

"The new partnership with a reputable publishing house, Taylor & 
Francis, allows AFS to expand its services to its authors, users, 
and library subscriber base," said Gus Rassam, AFS Executive 
Director. "This partnership combines and builds on the deep 
tradition of excellence for which AFS is known, with the global 
reach and technological capabilities of Taylor & Francis."

In 2011 and beyond, the AFS and Taylor & Francis will continue to 
offer the same subscription options that were available to 
libraries in 2010, as well as offering access via the Taylor & 
Francis Library http://www.tandf.co.uk/libsite/tandflibrary/ 
<http://www.tandf.co.uk/libsite/tandflibrary/> .  Subscription 
and access information can be obtained by contacting the Taylor & 
Francis Customer Service Department at 800-354-1420 or 
<mailto:Customerservice@taylorandfrancis.com> . Questions may 
also be addressed to Aaron Lerner, AFS Publications Director, at 
alerner@fisheries.org <mailto:alerner@fisheries.org> .


About Taylor & Francis Group

Taylor & Francis Group is part of Informa, one of the world's 
leading publishers of academic journals. We are dedicated to the 
dissemination of scholarly information, drawing on expertise 
developed since first publishing learned journals in 1798. Taylor 
& Francis now publishes 1,562 scholarly journals in association 
with over 460 learned societies and scholarly institutions. We 
operate from a network of 20 global offices, including 
Philadelphia, Oxford, Melbourne, Stockholm, Beijing, New Delhi, 
Johannesburg and Singapore.

For more information please contact:
Jennifer McMillan, Library Marketing Manager, Taylor & Francis Group
Tel:  +44 (0) 207 017 6000
e-mail: Library@tandf.co.uk