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JEP for 11/2010: Reimagining the University Press

The November 2010 issue of the Journal of Electronic Publishing 
(Volume 13, Issue 2) is now available at 
http://journalofelectronicpublishing.org. The issue is organized 
around the theme "Reimagining the University Press" and guest 
edited by Phil Pochoda, Director of the University of Michigan 
Press. "In the broadest sense, these essays can be read as 
attempts to discover how or even whether the presses will 
continue to play a valued leadership role in scholarly 
publishing, or if the most powerful publishing wave since 
Gutenberg will leave the presses stranded on an abandoned shore," 
Pochoda writes in the Editor's Note 

The articles include:

Reimagining the University Press: A Checklist for Scholarly
Peter Dougherty - Director, Princeton University Press

Reimagining the University 
Kate Wittenberg - Project Director, Client and Partnership 
Development in Ithaka S+R

Stage Five Book Publishing 
Joseph J. Esposito - CEO GiantChair

Next-Generation University Publishing: A Perspective from 
Daniel Greenstein - Vice Provost for Academic Planning and 
Programs at the University of California's Office of the 

What Might Be in Store for Universities'
Paul N. Courant - University Librarian and Dean of Libraries, 
University of Michigan

Imagining a University Press System to Support Scholarship in the 
Digital Age http://dx.doi.org/10.3998/3336451.0013.207>
Clifford Lynch - Director, Coalition of Networked Information

Scaling Vectors: Thoughts on the Future of Scholarly 
Tara McPherson - Associate Professor of Critical and Gender 
Studies, USC.  Founding editor *Vectors*

University Presses in the Ecosystem of 
Michael Jon Jensen - Director of Strategic Web Communications for 
the Office of Communications of the National Academies and 
National Academies Press

Terroir: The Hypervisor Press 
Peter Brantley - Director of the BookServer Project at the 
Internet Archive


Shana Kimball

Co-Editor, Journal of Electronic Publishing
Head, Publishing Services & Outreach
MPublishing, University of Michigan Library