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Europeana: over 14M docs of Europe's cultural heritage

Hi All

"(18 November 2010) Anyone in the world can now access over 14 
million digitised books, maps, photographs, paintings, film and 
music clips from cultural institutions across Europe through 
Europe's digital library Europeana. Launched in 2008 with two 
million objects, Europeana has already passed the initial target 
for 2010 of 10 million objects. Today, the Reflection Group 
("Comite des Sages" - Maurice Levy, Elisabeth Niggemann, Jacques 
de Decker) set up by the Commission to explore new ways to bring 
Europe's cultural heritage online is addressing the EU's Council 
of Culture Ministers and the European Parliament's Committee on 
Culture. The Comite des Sages' report is due to be published at 
the beginning of 2011."

For more, see:




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