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Clearwater publishing, what became of?

This is a slightly odd question for the list, but with all the 
liblicense readers out there, in both Library and Publishing 
space, we hope to get some help.

I'm trying to track down what happened to Clearwater Publishing 
(based in Toronto?), which was one of a number of microform 
publishers in the 80s, I believe.  The question is related to 
some digitization of older materials.  One of my colleagues 
thinks Clearwater might have been sold to CIS, which is now part 
of Lexis-Nexis, which is of course a division of Reed-Elsevier... 
but a limited amount of research hasn't confirmed this trail.

Does anyone out there know definitively what became of Clearwater 
(and its contents)?  Many thanks.  Ann Okerson/Yale Library