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Re: Publishing fee discounts tied to library subscriptions

Hello Greg,

concerning the Journal of Instrumentation (JINST), it is not a 
discount, that the authors receive.

My library holds a subscription for JINST.
Included into this subscription is a benefit (assets, balance) of 
three  articles to be issued within the subscription year as 
golden open access  articles from (co-)authors of my institution.

See for example:

Signal and noise analysis in TRION - Time Resolved Integrative 
Optical  Fast Neutron detector
Vartsky, D.; Sorac NRC,Yavne, ISRAEL;
Feldman, G.; Sorac NRC,Yavne, ISRAEL;
Mor, I.; Sorac NRC,Yavne, ISRAEL;
Goldberg, Mark B.; 6.5, Neutronenstrahlung, PTB-Braunschweig ; 
Sorac  NRC,Yavne, ISRAEL;  Bar, D.; Sorac NRC,Yavne, ISRAEL; 
Dangendorf, Volker; 6.5, Neutronenstrahlung, PTB-Braunschweig;

Journal of Instrumentation (2009), [Online only]
ISSN 1748-0221

This article is open access, because my institution (PTB) holds a 
subscription; even if NRC, the institution of co-authors holds 

If none of the authors of an article belongs to a subscribing 
institution,  this article will be closed access, accessible only 
from subcribing  institutions. There is no option for authors to 
pay article processing charges!

Until today I had to remind the publisher (IOPP) only one time 
(it was in  2007) to "free" an article of one of our authors.

Concerning JINST, what puzzels me is the fact, that IOPP 
obviously does  not promote JINST nor the underlaying hybrid 
subscription-open access  model.

At last years German library congress I asked a representative of 
IOPP,  whether JINST has passed the break even point. Her answer 
was yes.

I am not aware of other publishers which may publish a journal 
based on  the same hybrid subscription-open access model.

Best greetings

Joachim Meier

Dr.-Ing. Joachim E. Meier
Head of Library
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) (http://www.ptb.de)
PF 3345                 Tel. +49-531-592-8131
38023 Braunschweig    Fax. +49-531-592-8137
GERMANY                 E-mail: Joachim.Meier@ptb.de

Greg Grossmeier <grossmei@umich.edu>
Datum:01.10.2010 23:36
Betreff:Re: Publishing fee discounts tied to library 

Hello Joachim (and others),

I'm curious what the standard practice is to receive that 
discount. Does the author have to ask or does the publisher know 
to give the discount for any other from a certain institution's 
email domain (or if they ask for institution affiliation)?

I only ask because I have run into at least 2 cases where I 
reminded the author to ask for the institutional discount at a 
publisher which provided these discounts. It did not seem that 
the publisher automatically gave the discount.

Now, my experience is vastly limited (2 cases out of 6 total; 
yes, very small numbers) so I am just curious what various 
publishers do and if there is a way I can help my authors at my 



Greg Grossmeier
Copyright Specialist
University of Michigan Library