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RE: Hindawi's Monthly Submissions Grow to Over 2,000

This is true only if rejection rate increases (I remember someone 
pointing out how high the per-published-article cost would be for 

Sally Morris
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Does it not follow, then, that as submissions increase and
processing costs go up, authors of accepted articles must be
charged more to cover the increased operating costs? Or is there
some other source of revenue besides APCs?

Sandy Thatcher

At 8:46 PM -0400 9/13/10, Ahmed Hindawi wrote:
>We have implemented OAI-PMH for those who want to retrieve our
>metadata in an automated way. Please visit
>We have no submission fee. APCs only apply for those articles
>that are accepted for publication. A complete list of our current
>journals with their APCs can be found at
>A submissions fee might indeed have some some merits, but just
>like charging more for papers that are particularly long, papers
>that need more copyediting than usual, papers that contain many
>figures, we believe that such a pricing model will not be liked
>by authors in general and hence we are using our current simple
>pricing model.
>Ahmed Hindawi