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The editorial fallacy

Joe Esposito writes about why publishers need to spend more time
on the 'off ramp' side of their business; a front-end strategy
focused solely on 'more good books' might be a dead end:



"The editorial fallacy is the belief that all of a publisher's
strategic problems can be solved by pursuing and publishing the
finest books and articles. . . .

"Not having the right strategy for digital formats and the new
online venues can mean that outstanding books may simply not come
to the attention of discriminating readers. A purely editorial
strategy is not enough to cut through the thicket of new ebook
options. . . .

"Many small publishers have chosen to outsource everything but
their editorial departments, and if there is a better example of
the editorial fallacy at work, I am not aware of it. Some of
these very publishers are now frustrated by their outsourcing
partners because the partners cannot or will not move quickly
enough for certain new initiatives. Who is going to get them onto
the iPad? Who is going to help them with the complex issues
surrounding PCI compliance?"

terry ehling
scholarly publishing strategist
cornell university
ithaca [ny] 14850