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2011 Pricing and News from The University of Chicago Press Journal=

\***With apologies for cross-posting***

The University of Chicago Press has released its journal
subscription rates for 2011. For complete pricing information and
the full list of journals published by the Press, visit

As we announced last March, 2011 marks the beginning of our
partnership with JSTOR in the Current Scholarship Program.
Joining the CSP is part of our long-term mission to keep our
journals accessible, discoverable, and affordable for scholars
and institutions around the world. Beginning in January,
electronic access to University of Chicago Press journals will
transition to JSTOR's platform, offering scholars and educators
an improved online work environment that combines new content
with complete journal backfiles.

Electronic only and print + electronic subscriptions to our
journals will now be processed by JSTOR, while print-only
subscriptions will be handled directly by the Press.
Subscriptions for all formats will still be available through
subscription agents.

For more information about the Current Scholarship Program and
subscription procedures, visit
email participation@jstor.org, or call toll-free in the U.S.
(877) 786-7575 (outside the U.S. call (212) 358-6400).

You can reach The University of Chicago Press at
subscriptions@press.uchicago.edu or call toll-free in U.S. and
Canada (877); it's 705-1878 (outside the U.S. and Canada, call
(773) 753-3347).


We are pleased to introduce four excellent additions to our
journals portfolio for 2011.

*Published in association with the Bard Graduate Center, West
86th: A Journal of Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material
Culture aims for truly interdisciplinary study of objects in
their cultural and historical contexts. The journal brings
together insight from design, art, and architecture historians;
scholars of film, fashion, and material culture; as well as
archaeologists, sociologists, and anthropologists. Taking its
name from the Bard Graduate Center's New York address, West 86th
replaces Studies in the Decorative Arts, which Bard had published
for 17 years. The first issue under the new title will publish in
print and online in spring 2011 with volume 18, issue 1.

*Established in 1998, Afterall: A Journal of Art, Context, and
Enquiry is a forum for in-depth analysis of contemporary art. Its
academic format differentiates it from popular review magazines.
Each issue provides the reader with lengthy, well-researched
articles,=A0and=A0includes different writers discussing the same
artist's work from varied perspectives. The print journal itself
is visually rich, with numerous accompanying illustrations. The
Press joins with Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
at University of the Arts London; M HKA, the Museum of
Contemporary Art in Antwerp; and Universidad Internacional de
Andaluc=EDa (UNIA) arte y pensamiento in publishing a journal that
The New York Times described as "One of the sharpest art journals
anywhere." The new partnership began with the summer 2010 issue.

These two titles add to the breadth and diversity of our art and
art history collection, which already includes the prominent
journals American Art and Winterthur Portfolio.

*HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society for the History
of Philosophy of Science situates philosophical understandings of
science within the broader historical settings in which they were
developed. The journal provides a forum for interdisciplinary
scholarship that falls through the cracks of traditional
history/philosophy of science journals, making it a perfect
complement to our current science studies titles, Isis, Osiris,
and Philosophy of Science. The first issue will publish spring

*The Supreme Court Review, acclaimed for providing a sustained
and authoritative survey of the implications of the court's most
significant decisions since 1960, will be available online for
the first time beginning with volume 2010, available May 2011.

These journals are welcome additions to a prestigious portfolio
that includes several journals that were the first scholarly
publications in their respective fields. In the most recent
Journal Citations Reports, fifteen of our journals had impact
factors ranked in the top ten of their respective categories, and
eight journals ranked in the top five.

For more information about these new titles and our complete
journals portfolio, please visit www.journals.uchicago.edu.