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2011 Pricing for the Current Scholarship Program Now Available

With apologies for cross-posting...

2011 Pricing for the Current Scholarship Program Now Available

2011 pricing for the titles in the Current Scholarship Program 
(CSP) is now available on the JSTOR website. The price list may 
be downloaded as an Excel file at:


or accessed via a pricing calculator at 

CSP is designed to allow mission-driven publishers to partner 
with JSTOR on a premium discoverability and delivery platform 
while still retaining control over their pricing and identity. 
Through CSP, libraries are able to order current issues 
subscriptions through JSTOR, which will be delivered on JSTOR's 
platform.  Currently 174 titles from 19 publishers are available 
for the 2011 subscription year, via the following products:

*Current Collections: Traditional journal subscriptions from 
multiple publishers bundled as collections that match JSTOR 
archive collections (e.g. A&S I Current). Pricing is set at the 
sum of all titles in the collection. 

*Current Collection - Full Run: A Current Collection, plus 
backfiles of each individual title within that Collection. The 
price for current content is set by the publishers, and the 
backfile pricing is set by JSTOR.

*Single Title - Current: a traditional current journal 
subscription. Available in electronic, plus P+E or P-only for 
some titles. Pricing is set by the publisher. 

*Single Title - Full Run: The complete run of a single title 
(Volume 1, Issue 1 through the current issue). Pricing is the sum 
of the publisher-established price for 2011 volumes + 
JSTOR-established fee for backfile volumes.

A current subscription to titles or collections in CSP will 
include access to all "born digital" content for the title 
(content originally published in electronic form, outside of an 
aggregation). This date varies from publisher to publisher. 
Access is provided from that date forward through the current 
subscription year, with new issues added according to the 
publisher's own publication schedule.

JSTOR is now accepting orders for the 2011 subscription year for 
electronic and print + electronic subscriptions for the Current 
Scholarship Program. Orders may be placed directly with JSTOR or 
via subscription agents and consortia, and CSP subscriptions can 
be added to existing JSTOR license agreements via a simple rider. 
Ordering information is available at:


Print-only subscriptions and renewals should continue to be 
placed directly with the publishers or subscription agents.

Beginning January 2011, electronic access to journals 
participating in CSP will be made available from JSTOR's 
platform. The platform will give scholars and educators an 
improved online work environment that combines new content with 
complete journal backfiles.  JSTOR will be launching a new 
interface this summer in preparation for the launch of CSP; 
additional details on this interface will be available in 
mid-July. For more information on the Current Scholarship 
Program, visit:


or contact: 

Sarah Glasser
Associate Director, Marketing & Communications
Tel: 212-358-6419

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