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SSP's Scholarly Kitchen

Hello Bill,

The Scholarly Kitchen home page has the latest post and a banner 
at the top of the page labeled About SSP's "Scholarly Kitchen" 
links to a page that explains the relationship of the Society of 
Scholarly Publishing to the Scholarly Kitchen: "The Scholarly 
Kitchen is a moderated and independent blog. Opinions on the 
Scholarly Kitchen are those of the authors, not necessarily those 
held by the Society for Scholarly Publishing."

The About page lists all of the bloggers, beginning with Kent 
Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, an SSP Member and former SSP Board 
member.  Additional biographical information is provided. 

SSP is an organization of individuals. "The Mission of SSP is to 
advance scholarly publishing and communication and the 
professional development of its members through education, 
collaboration, and networking among individuals in the field." 
The mission statement is from the home page. 

If you have questions for Kent, there is an email link on the 
page to scholarlykitchen@sspnet.org.

Thank you for your interest,

(also a former SSP Board member and President, 2008/2009)

(Ms.) October Ivins, MLS
Ivins eContent Solutions
phone (781)793-9283 EDT

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I would be interested to know who is "the publisher of Scholarly 
Kitchen".  The blog is sponsored by SSP but makes no mention of a 
particular person in charge, as far as I can tell.  B.