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Copyrights/Free ebrary sites

There have been two posts recently about the application of copyrights to ebrary's new free public-interest information centers on natural disasters (http://site.ebrary.com/lib/disaster/home.action) and H1N1 influenza (http://h1n1.ebrary.com/home.action).

These were grassroots efforts by some of our employees, who wanted the public to be able to use our technology to quickly find the useful information they were looking for, in the vast sea of publicly-available government and public-domain documents. In some cases, the rights-holders in copyright-protected information have also agreed to make their materials freely available on these sites, so the sites contain a mix of protected and unprotected content.

ebrary does not intend to restrict anyone's use of any government works or public domain documents. Updated information will be appearing on the site shortly, specifying that our generic copyright statement does not apply to these documents. I apologize for any confusion.

Best regards,

Juliette Hirt
General Counsel, ebrary