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Discovering Others' Contracts?

Hello--New to this list, so apologies in advance if this is 
either a question that has been answered many time; has an 
obvious answer, or somehow seems a bit nutty..But:

Wondering--is there a source, site, mechanism etc. where 
librarians can discover what other libraries of similar size have 
negotiated with an information vendor, so that there is some 
guideline to know a range of what one's license "should" cost? 
Kind of like a Consumer Reports for the automobile manufacturer 
price (though I know with this it would be harder as each license 
is customized)

So--is there any official or informal place where this is 
published or available? Or do librarians informally try to share 
this? Are there ethical considerations when undertaking this kind 
of activity?

Thank you!

Robert Berkman, editor
The Information Advisor
Rochester NY