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Re: Open Access to Research Is Inevitable, Libraries Are Told

It is SciELO and the url is http://www.scielo.org

I just checked it and it works.

There are subsites for national collections and it would not be 
surprising if scielo.cl were down.

Also, the whole argument below is premised on the viewpoint of 
publishers. and their vision of best practices. However, the 
"best" in practices should be construed in the perspective of 
optimal scientific communication, and not the perspective of 


Le lundi 01 mars 2010 Anthony Watkinson wrote:

> OK - what I meant was that no publisher of large or 
> medium-sized biomedical journals that I know of (and that 
> includes most larger and medium sized not-for -profits as well 
> as commercial companies) use OJS and they do not figure as a 
> serious alternative in the main treatment of online editorial 
> systems by Mark Ware. I used the formulation which Professor 
> Guedon loves because I myself have not done the comparisons of 
> functionality and sustainability - which he may not have done 
> either. What I do know is that people responsible in publishing 
> houses of all sorts look into these sort of cost considerations 
> very carefully (because I know the people). I am also wondering 
> whether he means SciElLO and not SciELO: I cannot get into that 
> site at present so I cannot see what they actually do.
> What an inaccurate statement about honoraria and "power 
> systems". Publishers pay sometimes honoraria because the top 
> scholars they want as editors can earn a lot, particularly in 
> clinical areas, and they (the editors) cannot afford the time 
> involved in being a good editor without at least some decent 
> recompense for their time. All decent Publishers want the best 
> editors for the journals they publish whoever their 
> stakeholders and whatever their business models.
> Anthony Watkinson