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ONIX for Publication Licenses: Adding Structure to Legalese Webinar on December 9

NISO's December webinar 'ONIX for Publication Licenses: Adding 
Structure to Legalese' will be held Wednesday, December 9, 2009 
from 1:00 - 2:30 EST. Participants will get updated on the 
ONIX-PL specification and how it can be used to simplify and 
communicate license information.

Once license terms for e-resources have been negotiated, they 
have to be communicated to both library staff and end users. ONIX 
for Publications Licenses (ONIX-PL), developed by EDItEUR, is an 
XML format that both publishers and libraries can use to add 
machine-readable structure to license terms. NISO and EDItEUR's 
joint ONIX-PL Working Group, created in 2008, is charged with the 
continued development of the ONIX-PL standard for license 
expression to ensure it is fit for use by all types of 
stakeholders. They are also doing outreach, such as this webinar, 
to educate the community about ONIX-PL.

Speakers for the webinar are:

** Rick Burke, Executive Director, SCELC - Statewide California 
Electronic Library Consortium
** Wilma Mossink, Juridisch Adviseur/Legal Adviser, SURF 
** Mark Bide, Executive Director, EDItEUR

For more information and to register, visit the event webpage
(http://www.niso.org/news/events/2009/onixpl09). Registration is 
per site (access for one computer) and includes access to the 
online recorded archive of the webinar for one year. Can't make 
it on the webinar date? Register and access the recorded version 
at your convenience. NISO and NASIG members receive a discounted 
member rate. A student discount is also available.

This webinar is sponsored by EBSCO and Swets.

Cynthia Hodgson
NISO Technical Editor Consultant
National Information Standards Organization