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Re: Revised Google Books Settlement

I recommend these comments on the amended settlement agreement:

* Professor James Grimmelmann's blogpost summarizing the new 
provisions: http://j.mp/24lJd4

* Professor Grimmelmann's Twitter post identifying limitations on 
the powers of the new Unclaimed Works Fiduciary: 

* Professor Randal Picker's assessment of the antitrust 
implications of the amended agreement: http://bit.ly/1fOZVa

Robert C. Richards, Jr., J.D.*, M.S.L.I.S., M.A.
Law Librarian & Legal Information Consultant
Philadelphia, PA
* Member New York State bar, retired status.

B.G. Sloan wrote:

>The revised Google Books settlement is now avaikable at:
>They've used change-tracking in the document, so it's easy to 
>see what the changes are.
>A Library Journal article on the revised settlement is available at:
>Bernie Sloan