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Edinburgh University Press Enters Agreement with NESLi2 SMP for 2010

Edinburgh, UK, 17th November 2009, Edinburgh University Press has 
entered into an agreement with JISC Collections to provide EUP 
journals to the UK academic community via the NESLi2 SMP 
initiative in 2010.

Edinburgh University Press has provided a several options from 
the range of social science and humanities journals it publishes, 
including the leading Scottish History journal Scottish 
Historical Review, highly regarded publications in literary 
studies including, Oxford Literary Review, Paragraph and 
Romanticism, and the journal of the Society for the History of 
Natural History, Archives of Natural History. Institutions may 
subscribe to all Edinburgh University Press journals in the EUP 
Complete Collection or to one or more of the following subject 

* EUP Humanities Collection
* EUP Social Science & Science Collection
* EUP Literature & Philosophy Collection
* EUP Literature, Language & Philosophy Collection
* EUP Language & Culture Collection
* EUP Historical Studies Collection
* EUP Politics & Law Collection

Catriona Murray, Head of Sales and Marketing at Edinburgh 
University Press said: "We are delighted to offer our journals 
collections to UK institutions through NESLi2 SMP.  We hope that 
the newly created subject collections and the substantial 
discounts available will benefit libraries in this difficult 
economic climate."

For further information about the EUP offer please go to:

About Edinburgh University Press

Edinburgh University Press is the premier scholarly publisher in 
Scotland of academic books and journals and one of the leading 
university presses in the UK.  EUP is committed to furthering 
knowledge and making innovative and rigorous scholarship 
available to the widest possible readership through its range of 
research publications. The Press seeks excellence in its chosen 
subjects combining high quality scholarship and commerciality to 
produce academic works of lasting value.

For more information please contact:

Catriona H Murray
Head of Sales and Marketing
Edinburgh University Press