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"The iTunes of Magazines"

This looks interesting: http://www.maggwire.com/

It doesn't look like it's ready for prime-time yet...it's still 
marked beta. But they're claiming that Maggwire Premium will be 
"the iTunes of magazines" when it launches. There's a box on the 
homepage that says "Submit your email to receive a free trial 
when we launch!"

Here's a little something from the "about" page:

"With over 10,000 magazine titles attracting 200 million American 
readers, Maggwire makes discovering magazine content a 
personalized experience. Utilizing social intelligence, our 
system recommends magazine articles you will enjoy reading from 
over 600 magazine titles...Based on your historical reading 
preferences, Maggwire learns what you like to read. As you rate 
articles with 1-5 stars, we begin to build a personalized profile 
of your interests. Then we predict how you will rate new 
articles. The more articles you rate, the more accurate our 
recommendations become."

Bernie Sloan