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Journal Brand plus the OA advantage

In light of recent discussions on the value of journal brand, 
consider the combined advantage of journal brand with the open 
access advantage!

Any society journal that is well-known for its quality will bring 
the journal brand advantage in a conversion to open access, for 
example, combining the journal brand advantage with the optimal 
dissemination that is open access.

The OA advantage has no doubt been most helpful to some of the 
newer journals and publishers in quickly establishing a 
reputation for high quality - journals such as Public Library of 
Science Biology, and the BioMedCentral and Hindawi journals.

This may be a temporary advantage for journals; if we accept that 
scholars can no longer do comprehensive reading of all the 
journals in their fields, it is timely to evolve beyond journals, 
or beyond manual reading.

Heather Morrison, MLIS
The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics