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Re: Thanks to three list members

Yes, I'm with the crowd here... many, many unread books on my
shelves (and a considerable number of duplicates)(several copies
of "travels with My Aunt" by Graham Greene for example, as I get
excited when it is reissued with a different cover and different
design, and so add it to my collection)(however I think I've read
most of them at least once).

And like Susan Hill (who is - I agree - a great writer) I often
make the promise not to buy another book until I have read all
the unread ones on the shelves (and re-read a few old friends) -
however it never lasts long, and I am back down to Blackwell's
for more...

Well, I guess it is a healthier habit than drink or drugs! Pippa

Pippa Smart
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2009/10/21 Tony McSean <tmcsean@hollar.co.uk>:

> Not if you appreciate good writing, it isn't. Susan Hill has been
> an underappreciated treasure of British literary fiction since
> the 1970s, though not always comfortable reading. Woman In Black
> is her best known book. Can't comment on the new one.
> Tony McSean
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> Oddly enough, a book more or less on this topic has just been
> published:
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2009/oct/16/howards-end-is-on-the-landing=">http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2009/oct/16/howards-end-is-on-the-landing-susan-hill
> Another to add to the unread pile . . .
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> I will confess to having probably 30 books around I haven't read.
> Every time I go in a bookstore, I come out with at least 3
> (hardcover's too, publishers must love me!), then I try to keep
> the book close by (so I don't forget about it!) until I have a
> chance to read it. As you can tell, I'm rather behind!! I need
> some long plane rides.
> Janet Fisher
> Publishers Communication Group
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> Joe Esposito said: "The survey I would like to conduct is of the people
> on this list. How many books does each individual currently own but has
> not (yet) read?"
> I'm loath to admit this, but if they had a contest to find the person
> with the highest percentage of unread personally-owned books, I might be
> in contention for a world championship.
> Seriously. I bet I haven't read at *least* 90% of the books I own. It
> usually goes like this: I find a book in a bookstore, read maybe 20-30
> pages while in the bookstore, find the book very interesting, and buy
> it. When I get it home life intervenes and I never crack it open again.
> Now that I'm retired I've vowed to make 2010 the "year of the book". I
> want to read a book or two every day. We'll see how that works out. :-)
> Bernie Sloan