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RE: Changing the game

At the risk of repeating myself, I'd like to urge that the nine
roles I identified acquiring editors as playing in the review
process for scholarly monographs cannot readily be duplicated in
a system run only by academics. For the enumeration and
explanation of these roles, see my essay on "The "Value Added' in
Editorial Acquisitions" here:


I would be interested if Jean-Claude believes these "functions"
to be "quite limited indeed."

Sandy Thatcher
Penn State University Press

At 2:23 PM -0400 10/7/09, Gudon Jean-Claude wrote:

>My suggestion to researchers is to look at publishers' claims
>with a critical and probing mind and not accept them aat face
>value. The functions mentioned by Sally may turn out to be quite
>limited indeed.
>As for the relative importance of researchers and publishers, I
>will let readers decide which ranking for them.